Wednesday, December 29, 2004


The first step is always the toughest, walking the skies is great, but u are still apprehesive on ground.

Yes i was walking the skies
and i still am. But now i want to tell stories

Now to satisfy the great curiosity this few lines aroused.
Q&A session

Q: Why did Abdulla choose the skies ?
A: cant help jesus claimed water before, and mortals stroll the grounds.

Q: Why skywalker, why not MarsMariner or JupiterGI ?
A: I belive in force, and I feel ,that am a avatar of the great Jedi, ANAKIN SKYWALKER, so Skywalker won, i must admit VixenVictor gave a tough fight though.

Q: Why move to NeoLore ?
A: The word has got great meaning, NEO + LORE (matrix + lotr) .

ask no more.

any more questions can be routed to (it takes time for me to get to u through all the mails i get, but i promise to soothe u all).

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