Friday, December 31, 2004

The year that was

Never ever does new things fail to excite us. Speaking movies, in the bygone era, trick photography, slow motion enthralled movie goers then, Ulysses, had the clumsy one eye gaint , which would not even be amateurish now was a rage then, slow motion, Godzilla wrecking cardboard high rises were captivating, the best special effects, they were NEW.

This year we had Manmohan filling in for the Gandhis, why can’t we have ‘NEW’ here
There is no place in India where this great family has not set foot on and the people there would repay their benevolence by naming streets, hospital, stadiums, wind, water, everything. xxxxGandhi road, hospital, anything, I have even witnessed a well named after the great family.

U know why this is so, politics, Indian style.

Shankaracharyas case, sensational, well he is not supposed to have material attachments, but power corrupts, the evidence suggests power had better of him, but to book him for watching porn , pure vendetta Indian style. (in 2002 I had participated in Jamat ul Islams meeting for religios harmony, He represented the hindu delegation. I saw him there first. I never expected that I would be listing more of him.)

We need better politicians, we can only help ourselves.

Tragedies struck , Gujarat earth quake, Tsunami, natures fury, we can only react.

Economy is doing good, that is what I read, it looks good to me too. But will India get veto power in UN. That is what I will watch out for, though it wont matter much.

Scandals no dirt left.

Coming to u Janus, with two heads u got, u can see both past and future, we mortals have one, we can look back if we want to, but here lies the catch we need to look forward, for what lies ahead, but we promise to steal a few glances, old year, when we need to, don’t get angry and hide, for only u can be the our guide.

Wish u bestest new year

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