Tuesday, March 27, 2007

WES farewell

Hi people,
This is going to be my last post form HP, from the company provided laptop nc6230. None of my posts so far had anything to do it HP, except the fact that I used the above said piece liberally for my own end. I have an hard disk filled full with unorganized data. Google desktop used to do an good job, now I have to take an back up on few dvds and catalog it all manually.

Since yesterday I have been running around everywhere to get final clearances and stealthily snapping photos, lots of them. Tomorrow I would be in some other company and this great campus sized building in electronic city will have to do with my aura entering it. I feel sad and i click one more snap.

I had taken a complete backup of data, some of it was duplicate and some of it was so crazy that i had it at 4-5 places, but i still burned it dutifully, wishing to create a replica of the (soon to be formatted) hard disk. Now I have 4 dvds and 3 cds filled with data, which i may never use again. It has a lots of redundancy but it is soothing for my mind you see.

The mad photographer and archiver which I have suddenly become today, makes me question the working of this mind and peace and what the philosophers always yearn for. I have got lots of snap and all the data, I have got no great friends here and the workplace heart rob has resigned few months ago , in short nothing to feel bad but still i feel senti and void and happy and left with an shrinking heart.

The workplace crushes and its perils are for a next time, the hottie and her habit of getting seated in prime numbered cubicles would be blogged later, this time, i have only time for once a post written in under 10 mins sans msword.

Bye Bye, HP, Bye Bye WES and the crush who was a prime.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thought on an interview.

Though interview,
Smart asses at work;
karela juice for health .

My first attempt at haiku, though really unbecoming, a start it is.In case I had made it to Thoughtworks it would have been.

Codes asked for.
Taurian’s rarely oblige.
For a change, once.

I really should have done a lot more homework, but WIDID. The HR in their contorted way gave a reason which was as specific as object class. The interview was a good experience though. a wake up call. But i cant help myslef from mumuring "Fuck you bastards, when you kill my entire day I would appreciate a straight rebuttal."

I am going to delete some messed up tech blog called 'tech401ch' and start a new when I feel like.