Thursday, April 27, 2006

Orkut has a way.

Howz Orkut? Good.
Orkut would be subject matter of discussion toady.
Why? Cause its good.

Orkut was once upon a time invented for something, and as it happen, it was quickly put to varied uses. Our hero first found this from some sapna who loved to be told exactly “baby you are sexy I would like to *** you” and nothing more.

Back here the day before yesterdays was this guys birthday,(People! wish me). Many long lost buddies rang him and one such rare diaper buddy(langotia yaar) wanted the birth day boy in his Orkut list. Our hero obliged his wish but the next day did he again got curious of Orkut varied prospects and this time he got curious of all girls out there.

He unintentionally commits a grave sin, and also misses the rebirth of a Nation.

Nepalese people busy in cracking a perfect constituion forget heros birthday and he in turn was busy at perfect Bday mail. The people in Himalayas cradle were blasting crackers and shouting that theirs, theirs could only now to on to become an accountable democracy. The hero here was distributing sweets and gravely conspiring starategies to get sexier as he can and rightly should.

Neither the hero nor the intellgencia, knew each other, both unaware that both could go on to be let downs. He none the sexier /smoother and their roads none any wider/smother.

Never has any poor democracy been a blameless democracy and 24 years of empirical data shows that our hero as such has no record of getting sexier as he had gone matured. Enough of this Rasidisque, midnight copying, but -kya karoo- me as that girl vishwanth of opel Mehta fame, am intensly influenced by good old Rashidie.

Joke: How would Salman Rashidie meet his end ?
1:50  die of asphyxiation cause, Padma.
1:500 ETA contracts to piss of rashidie for the money on his head.
1:5000 Rashidie dies of rash driving.

Sinse MAD is no longer in publication, why polish the effort.

But people first things first, I have a confession but I am not yet sorry enough to confess it.

Before I sign out, my next blog would be on why I left out chameli from the list of my favorite movies my profile , and why does every body mostly listen to English music only in orkut, and now relearn your mother tounge. Do we need English, do I need it to pen my thoughts.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Deadth and kicking alive

Fundamentally when you realize that you are nothing but only probability of matter most of your problems are solved. Rajkumar died today and the theory of probability has triumphed again. The lattice of hard and soft tissues which tell date, by their regular predectve structure defied the unchallengable theory of probality, are exposed to be just one more sham.

Sick of rajkumar, I don’t even know that guy, but just that, the conditons came together to a blogging probility and will in few minutes give birth, oops it isn`t birth but according to probability, some eletrons in the blogger database randomly exiting themselves for an unrandom duration, that’s it. But first things first, I felt let down, let down, let down today, I cant tell what it is, for basically I don’t keep telling strangers.

Sick of probability equals to gawd. I don’t even know that guy, gawd, just that I was reading about that fellow these days and I came to a conclusion that I am no longer an atheist, that doesn’t mean I don’t stop irrespecting of god, some fellow somewhere calls himself free-thinker and I join his bandwagon, that’s it but first things first, my heart is beating , beating, beating, beating, It is so fast, so fast, so fast, I don’t want it to stop.

Sick of that thing which used to make the heart beat, beat and stop and beat and stop and beat so fast and suddenly skid to a halt, that’s the thing it is, and I know that guy,*** not a guy ***., that gal.

Love is a dish best enjoyed cold, due regards to bride –Abbu.