Saturday, April 14, 2007

Baki sab bakwas.

"What boys want?". A never asked, un-clever question. It isn't that stupid, take my word for that and we read along we are going to ponder over and also instruct you into the fine art of cube -jokey.

Crap, it's all crap. The advice last week sucks big time. Nobody rations the stomach and doing that to impress chicks is an, and even hinting towards is an absolute no. I was all this pussy wasn't I, dictating etiquette. Forgive me, it is all this metro-sexual fad which was sublimely darted into my head and the result of all the festering by guys from fair and handsome. Answering questions which I never thought existed.

Eat, drink, be merry and throw all your empty chip packets, fruit juice cartons, into your friends dust bin. Practice this habit for a guilt-free, happy life. Things are as bad or as right as we think they are. So don't thunk.

After you vacuum out the entire tropicana carton into into cheeks, appreciate the burping sound it makes and let all the girls in vicinity take notice. Thats it brothers. Now some of may be furious who had read my last blog entry and had plans of morphing into cube-jockeies and all the matter here is contrary to their expectations.

Thats it for drink only sprite baki all bakwas.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A good entry

People who know me know the fact that i appreciate eating and the fact that I am very much into food and I cultivate it as hobby whenever i get spare time. Sometimes providence is that just yummy and as contented as one is after a hearty meal and obliges a smiles on you, you find yourself in workplace which encourages your hobby, you fell in love with it, (the food there). Let me spread the gospel of my hobby err workplace.

I joined this terrific place, Yodlee. Good food and variety of snacks (all on company) makes working here all that extra fulfilling. Flat hierarchy and evening time snacks, appreciable mangers - sweet and soft as sweet kachori and badam milk. Work - challenging and engaging as Hakka noodles with chopsticks, makes this an stimulating place. All this help, I don't feel tired as I leave and that I think is a good sign for everybody and especially certifies the fruit juices are really nature fresh.

Bored of this food stuff and what to know what Yodlee and my work is, please google search. For in this entry I am all but going to rant about the food and its beneficial effects on living. ha ha.

(if you are not a fat ass, go to next para and not here !!!!)

Not so fast, no fancy banners. 'Live to eat' I know you all fat asses. Left to you, this world will become more as tasty as rice cooked without salt. But ha ha, As long people like me are alive people would ever be doubtful of you. Die fat ass die.

Now I am not promoting gluttony. Period. Eat a packet of chips and feel the difference to your mood, is all. You would be cheerful and cheerful people have a higher basic metabolism rate and never get fat. So grab that chocolate fudge. Eating needs to practised as any other activity. You need to gently push the system, demand more from it and you would see the results. Challenge to eat as many biryaies you can eat in a week, and see if they can come out with solid dump, every day of the week. And with practice you can even challenge my good friend 'abbu' who holds the current record 12.

Coming back to workplace, Yodlee, err the fridge at the workplace. It is your assured food source. This is subconsciously very important. For we humans are hunters-gathers and our bodies are hardwired to associate physical activity with food, life and females. If all you do through out the day is sit at desk and hardly move. You are subconsciously idling away to starvation and death and our intelligent bodes fell uneasy. So see eating isn't gluttony but soothing your primal instincts and taking your subconscious mind from surviver mode into philosopher mode. This is also the case at Google, Thoughtworks, Microsoft etc. But then not many workplaces understand or appreciate this strategy and worse hovering long at the fridge is not a going to attract suitable females. So you need to have a strategy chalked out as you open it.

What distinguishes a clueless moron from an silent and effective fridge raider? What to eat when to eat how much to eat? All this and much more next week. Till then I leave you to your instinct,but be fast and never stand long across a open fridge for long.