Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Crystal Ball

In next 25 years i am see these

1. Saudi Arabian oil fields run dry.
2. JDO replacing entity beans.
3. Japan allows immigration.
4. Aids epidemic- full blown
5. Maldives wont sink.
6. There wont be cricket
7. Microsoft buying MGM or any media house.
8. Bloodier middle East.
9. 80% literacy in India.
10. North south divide over parliamentary seats,

Abbu: Bag a booker.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


This is the last blog, the last from abbu the PSI’ian. .

Destiny isn’t stealing any psychic powers, never gave them, in fact. I work in Psi Data System Ltd, so i am PSI'ian and it is coming to an end. Abbu is nostalgic. Abbu the puppet, the lotus eater, has eaten the poisoned lily. The lily is red like the red pill. The teeth are white and tongue is red, the lily is on its way, throat, esophagus, stomach, leaving an acidic stain, which is green. The tongue is green, viler than the heart (which is still red). It abuses the one, the heart loves.

‘Classic milds’ fills the lungs. The weed is at work, dyeing the insides black. Green goes black comes, Throat, esophagus, stomach, black. The tongue is still pale-green, crimson, but allah! To no avail the heart has been smoked dry.

Abbus heart: Vs ABBUS tongue: Green leading.

The omnipotent Puppeteer: it was not a lily, was a rose?. Green is photosynthesis, u eat red, red mutton, red beef, radish, ‘no’, I saw u eating radish. Eat radish, red radish. U are red. Cheer up

Abbus heart vs Abbus tongue: Status quo.

The Tongue: Ha ha! It was rose, was it love, puppet, Love is red, but look now all u get is green. Where is red, there are only coquette’s. Tongue: ‘coquette, coquette, butterfly. I am never wrong’.

Abbus heart vs Abbus tongue: puppet is mauled.

Puppet: Enough, red and green, green and black, black and crimson, and red. I have a heart which is both red and blue, blue vein’s feed it. Red sprouts from it. Black cavities and white bones. I don’t want to judge. I am yin and yang, rainbow colors and many more. I’ll play my part and I want to play it best.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Cofee time

I’ll like to sip some coffee,
Does hundred cups feel right?
u say impossible?
But let me please try.

Sinse you will be around,
the Aromas would be right.
The brew would be heavenly,
and the aroma is allmuch I need.

The clock here wont be needing
anyhing more of me, but I want a cup
with the aroma allright,so be
here at 6:00 or anytime u feel right.

note: abbu is waiting, for a reply, from the who dominated his every thought for the past six months. i may not get her, but abbu is not one to stop.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Un- Linear -- Good Book

I indulged myself in a luxury. I bought myself a novel, and the special thing bout it, is that was form Higginbotham’s and its true they don’t sell pirated novels. (I was hoping)

the royalty would go to the magician who wove those lines, Salman rusdie..

Trivia: a poll recently says that 90% of Indians think that using pirated software is akin to stealing, I am sure, the pool was not done in TeluguLand, Tamilnadu definitely Illai. ( I have cousins there), Delhi impossible, mallu land u are joking. Bihar probable, (they don’t have power there). UP, MP, Orissa, delhi, nahi, nah, illai, kadhu. I have never been there but my instinct points only to the Indian armies ’s weather station in Port Blair, Andaman’s. (stronghold of jarwas).

Prepare for a interview:

Grungy Interviewer Question1: Midnights children costs 15$ in US, they are 30 times richer than Indian, how much should Indians pay ?

Confident fresherAnswer1: 50 cents.

GI: (Not so easy bacchu!)

GI Q2: An Indians paid 306 bucks for it, using data from above question statistically correlate, and determine the percentage of people in the income bracket who can afford it?

CI A2: err may be 15%…!!??

GI Q3: We will get back to you. Do you have any questions?

Back to me…..
If something is not open source or freeware in my system, u can be sure how got it
I do this to express my disapproval of the thing I call “UNFAIRGLOBALIZATION”.

P.S: Rusdie shattered my illusion that I can be famous writing a book, a parrot wala prophesied it when I was 14, and from then each and every parrotwala with more than just a parrot to feed, I meet, predict nothing but success. They are all true, I Can be a CRITIC.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Blog Suppressants

Top Ten things responsible for killing my blogs on the notepad thyself.

1. Blogger`s block
8. Design patterns, Webservices.
5. Chaos is order to me,
9. If only bulle shah were my contemporary.
3. Fairer sex being the only things which inspire me
4. Nothing else stirs me, not even the Rain gods. (it would have taken a team of them to cause the havoc which bangalore went through, does abbu applause No.).
6. Wait for ‘someone’ to read the gems, I have posted so far.
10. Expectations, for the blog has to be of saki quality, which any kushwant may jolly good want to plagiarize.
2. Yahoo image search
7. Patience, (human kind needs all the time to decipher the hidden meaning in my very arcane blogs, they need time to adopt to my higher meaning of life)