Monday, December 31, 2007

Last blog of 2007

The year now seems so similar to one just before it. In this blogs three year course everything worth writing has been written and nothing left worth documenting, nothing worth remembering nothing, nothing. It didn’t feel like this a ‘few words ago’.With little over an hour and to get just few inches of post to produce, I started with lots of confidence. I thought that I could pay a respectable tribute to the year going by and mix in my perspective. Nothing. It seemed to simple, but now when I have finally taken this upon me its seems so such an gigantic task.
Hmm. ... Hmmmmm....... ...... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
(After 40 mins of pondering over hopelessness, an short cut manifests.)

What better way to end this year. Thank you all my readers and everyone who comes over here.

Happy new year 2008.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wonder - a- la

We went to wonderla sometime last week, and I am one proud 25 year old to have missed on, most of the excitement. Well, Almost. After the events in an contraception called twister, I was so happy to miss everything else, infact I was the happiest person on earth the rest of the day. The contraception looked docile more like a happy cow regurgitating peacefully in cool shade. There was not a hint nor remote premotion of things to follow. The platform on which we were seated seemed to be made of heavy metal indicative of slow laborous movemen. I expected it to break languorously from rest and twist around like a dying torndo, in small circles of comfortable radius or better, move me up on an vertical axis in graceful motions.

It wasn't to be. I was hurled in a hyper elliptical curve. And in between left to to experience singularities hanging upside down. I came out a changed man. I saw nothing, no thought entered my mind I was relived, I thanked everone around me. The earth, Gawd and every one else.

The rest of day was all fun, I was having this kind of macbare fun, the kind of fun which an russian roulette spectator experiances. "Scant regard for safety and utmost trust in Gawd" was the moto there. It was all that exicting when my project manager was happily getting into all those rides. After 'The-Experiance' and seeing no casuality till the end. I beckoned that there is some power after all seeing that things dont go horribly wrong.

After lunch, people went towards rides again, and I headed to water park. It was all blue and filled with lots of comforting waist deep water everywhere. I climbed up to slide down. The guy up there wont let me wear specs because they can cut my flesh bad. The stark truth and a matter of routine fact sounding way it was delivered left me questioning my reason. Here was this guy, telling me that glass can cut be badly while sliding down and non-chalantly asking me to slide down on that same stretch. nah!. Moreover once denied of my specs, heights fell lot higher. I came down strolling down stairs and spent the rest of my day in wonderla in peaceful contemplation.

I came back and forgot to fill my timesheets till the next week, and that was the only thing which went wrong all day.

{.this blog was authored by 'abbu' and is all lies and slander.}

I loved WonderLa and would recommend you to everybody whole heartedly. Given a chance , would try then without saftey harnessess this time. Promise.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

FedEx or Nadal

Score stands 3/6-6/3-1/4 and it looks as if, Federer wont be after all the greatest

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Baki sab bakwas.

"What boys want?". A never asked, un-clever question. It isn't that stupid, take my word for that and we read along we are going to ponder over and also instruct you into the fine art of cube -jokey.

Crap, it's all crap. The advice last week sucks big time. Nobody rations the stomach and doing that to impress chicks is an, and even hinting towards is an absolute no. I was all this pussy wasn't I, dictating etiquette. Forgive me, it is all this metro-sexual fad which was sublimely darted into my head and the result of all the festering by guys from fair and handsome. Answering questions which I never thought existed.

Eat, drink, be merry and throw all your empty chip packets, fruit juice cartons, into your friends dust bin. Practice this habit for a guilt-free, happy life. Things are as bad or as right as we think they are. So don't thunk.

After you vacuum out the entire tropicana carton into into cheeks, appreciate the burping sound it makes and let all the girls in vicinity take notice. Thats it brothers. Now some of may be furious who had read my last blog entry and had plans of morphing into cube-jockeies and all the matter here is contrary to their expectations.

Thats it for drink only sprite baki all bakwas.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A good entry

People who know me know the fact that i appreciate eating and the fact that I am very much into food and I cultivate it as hobby whenever i get spare time. Sometimes providence is that just yummy and as contented as one is after a hearty meal and obliges a smiles on you, you find yourself in workplace which encourages your hobby, you fell in love with it, (the food there). Let me spread the gospel of my hobby err workplace.

I joined this terrific place, Yodlee. Good food and variety of snacks (all on company) makes working here all that extra fulfilling. Flat hierarchy and evening time snacks, appreciable mangers - sweet and soft as sweet kachori and badam milk. Work - challenging and engaging as Hakka noodles with chopsticks, makes this an stimulating place. All this help, I don't feel tired as I leave and that I think is a good sign for everybody and especially certifies the fruit juices are really nature fresh.

Bored of this food stuff and what to know what Yodlee and my work is, please google search. For in this entry I am all but going to rant about the food and its beneficial effects on living. ha ha.

(if you are not a fat ass, go to next para and not here !!!!)

Not so fast, no fancy banners. 'Live to eat' I know you all fat asses. Left to you, this world will become more as tasty as rice cooked without salt. But ha ha, As long people like me are alive people would ever be doubtful of you. Die fat ass die.

Now I am not promoting gluttony. Period. Eat a packet of chips and feel the difference to your mood, is all. You would be cheerful and cheerful people have a higher basic metabolism rate and never get fat. So grab that chocolate fudge. Eating needs to practised as any other activity. You need to gently push the system, demand more from it and you would see the results. Challenge to eat as many biryaies you can eat in a week, and see if they can come out with solid dump, every day of the week. And with practice you can even challenge my good friend 'abbu' who holds the current record 12.

Coming back to workplace, Yodlee, err the fridge at the workplace. It is your assured food source. This is subconsciously very important. For we humans are hunters-gathers and our bodies are hardwired to associate physical activity with food, life and females. If all you do through out the day is sit at desk and hardly move. You are subconsciously idling away to starvation and death and our intelligent bodes fell uneasy. So see eating isn't gluttony but soothing your primal instincts and taking your subconscious mind from surviver mode into philosopher mode. This is also the case at Google, Thoughtworks, Microsoft etc. But then not many workplaces understand or appreciate this strategy and worse hovering long at the fridge is not a going to attract suitable females. So you need to have a strategy chalked out as you open it.

What distinguishes a clueless moron from an silent and effective fridge raider? What to eat when to eat how much to eat? All this and much more next week. Till then I leave you to your instinct,but be fast and never stand long across a open fridge for long.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

WES farewell

Hi people,
This is going to be my last post form HP, from the company provided laptop nc6230. None of my posts so far had anything to do it HP, except the fact that I used the above said piece liberally for my own end. I have an hard disk filled full with unorganized data. Google desktop used to do an good job, now I have to take an back up on few dvds and catalog it all manually.

Since yesterday I have been running around everywhere to get final clearances and stealthily snapping photos, lots of them. Tomorrow I would be in some other company and this great campus sized building in electronic city will have to do with my aura entering it. I feel sad and i click one more snap.

I had taken a complete backup of data, some of it was duplicate and some of it was so crazy that i had it at 4-5 places, but i still burned it dutifully, wishing to create a replica of the (soon to be formatted) hard disk. Now I have 4 dvds and 3 cds filled with data, which i may never use again. It has a lots of redundancy but it is soothing for my mind you see.

The mad photographer and archiver which I have suddenly become today, makes me question the working of this mind and peace and what the philosophers always yearn for. I have got lots of snap and all the data, I have got no great friends here and the workplace heart rob has resigned few months ago , in short nothing to feel bad but still i feel senti and void and happy and left with an shrinking heart.

The workplace crushes and its perils are for a next time, the hottie and her habit of getting seated in prime numbered cubicles would be blogged later, this time, i have only time for once a post written in under 10 mins sans msword.

Bye Bye, HP, Bye Bye WES and the crush who was a prime.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thought on an interview.

Though interview,
Smart asses at work;
karela juice for health .

My first attempt at haiku, though really unbecoming, a start it is.In case I had made it to Thoughtworks it would have been.

Codes asked for.
Taurian’s rarely oblige.
For a change, once.

I really should have done a lot more homework, but WIDID. The HR in their contorted way gave a reason which was as specific as object class. The interview was a good experience though. a wake up call. But i cant help myslef from mumuring "Fuck you bastards, when you kill my entire day I would appreciate a straight rebuttal."

I am going to delete some messed up tech blog called 'tech401ch' and start a new when I feel like.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

When was it last, last time?

It was six months ago and I had just returned form cochin. The general feeling around was of an nat-geo survivor. I blogged and passed out. During my hibernation, many cataclysmic events happened and promises were made for which all I was a mute spectator.

Fighting this numbing stupor was tough, (I had trysts with another blog as well). I for fact dont rue these lost six, for i realized that just as you can never forget your first love, you can never abandon your second blog, (first is just a teaser). I have decided to come back and I hope this time it would be like second coming of Christ, eternal.