Monday, July 11, 2005

Docs aren’t gentleDogs.

Abdulla is idling; when mountains of project docs are waiting in eternal hope that he will ingest them, which they hope is their version’s salvation. Docs u need to wait, there are many others docs, whose demands are paramount. Docs understand” Every Doc has its day and there will be one for u too”.

Now Docs if you excuse.
I will get on with my blogging.

Docs are sterile, some docs aren’t, they; then aren’t Docs they are “TimePass”.

Docs lag organs for procreation, though they manifest in many forms, namely pdf’s, ppt’s and ‘just plain-jane docs’. It is all mitosis. Cell division. The versions number differ and the differences mostly end there. A few bits of information is lost even in the natural process of cell division and the mild differences in the various versions can thus be accounted for.

Docs are barren neither can they impregnate other species who ingest them, goats, bovines, humans. They don’t fire imagination. They suck.

Not the least, when a friend is confiding his harrowing experiences, Docs don’t make u grim in between, though to dear friends dismay. They kill the chances of him calling thy, a sucker and the verbal barrage in the ‘pure tongue’ that might have resulted. The friendship, which might have been fortified, loses a golden chance. Good books do.

Caught in abyss of their brain numbing powers, abbu the ruler of the realm, W-156 banishes them to life time of damp dungeons in his drawer or till the status meeting, whichever comes first.

P.S: The usual Doc loving abdulla, chanced to shine his eyes over “Time pass”. And if u remember, it is the book in which the beloved Protiama bedi gets chummier than the dear freind and confides her not so harrowing escapades. Abbu revolted and what u just read is the result.

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