Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thought on an interview.

Though interview,
Smart asses at work;
karela juice for health .

My first attempt at haiku, though really unbecoming, a start it is.In case I had made it to Thoughtworks it would have been.

Codes asked for.
Taurian’s rarely oblige.
For a change, once.

I really should have done a lot more homework, but WIDID. The HR in their contorted way gave a reason which was as specific as object class. The interview was a good experience though. a wake up call. But i cant help myslef from mumuring "Fuck you bastards, when you kill my entire day I would appreciate a straight rebuttal."

I am going to delete some messed up tech blog called 'tech401ch' and start a new when I feel like.

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