Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wonder - a- la

We went to wonderla sometime last week, and I am one proud 25 year old to have missed on, most of the excitement. Well, Almost. After the events in an contraception called twister, I was so happy to miss everything else, infact I was the happiest person on earth the rest of the day. The contraception looked docile more like a happy cow regurgitating peacefully in cool shade. There was not a hint nor remote premotion of things to follow. The platform on which we were seated seemed to be made of heavy metal indicative of slow laborous movemen. I expected it to break languorously from rest and twist around like a dying torndo, in small circles of comfortable radius or better, move me up on an vertical axis in graceful motions.

It wasn't to be. I was hurled in a hyper elliptical curve. And in between left to to experience singularities hanging upside down. I came out a changed man. I saw nothing, no thought entered my mind I was relived, I thanked everone around me. The earth, Gawd and every one else.

The rest of day was all fun, I was having this kind of macbare fun, the kind of fun which an russian roulette spectator experiances. "Scant regard for safety and utmost trust in Gawd" was the moto there. It was all that exicting when my project manager was happily getting into all those rides. After 'The-Experiance' and seeing no casuality till the end. I beckoned that there is some power after all seeing that things dont go horribly wrong.

After lunch, people went towards rides again, and I headed to water park. It was all blue and filled with lots of comforting waist deep water everywhere. I climbed up to slide down. The guy up there wont let me wear specs because they can cut my flesh bad. The stark truth and a matter of routine fact sounding way it was delivered left me questioning my reason. Here was this guy, telling me that glass can cut be badly while sliding down and non-chalantly asking me to slide down on that same stretch. nah!. Moreover once denied of my specs, heights fell lot higher. I came down strolling down stairs and spent the rest of my day in wonderla in peaceful contemplation.

I came back and forgot to fill my timesheets till the next week, and that was the only thing which went wrong all day.

{.this blog was authored by 'abbu' and is all lies and slander.}

I loved WonderLa and would recommend you to everybody whole heartedly. Given a chance , would try then without saftey harnessess this time. Promise.

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