Saturday, January 29, 2005

V*** DAY

The valentine day from 2000 was celibate affair. Every V-day was celebrated as a day of hope, expectation, great joy and something divine. It was a day to bath u’r soul, purge all the memory of the gone by girls, forget all the rejections, and sum up all the bad things u have done the last 364 days and vow to never repeat them again.

It was to be a ‘Vice free day’.

Vice free it had got to be, for that was the day when going out in the sun was forbidden and the moon, oh no the moon that days sends down moon rays, more poisonous and lethal than any snake venom. It was also a ‘no telephone day’,( think bout pretty telephone operator girls, working 365 days, lets give them a day off).

All this rules were taken from some holy Druez book, and as is the purpose of holy rules, they have a deeper hidden meaning and gain, they help u cushion through the whole treacherous day unheared and unseen, u are just a grain of sand.

But the next Vday the whole earth, city would notice, the newly discovered meteor with the venus for company. The girl forget earth will be noticed in u`r mohallah. Three cheers for the day and the smooth new U.

The blog should have ended here, but girls, it looks that i am having a crisis here,
need all the helping. (:- . i dont know that any other soul reads this, but incase it
read, leave a comment, for this thing needs one. Again need all the helping.

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