Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Women unethical.

Warning: The author loves all women. He is no female hater.

Overheard in the mess where I eat my dinner everyday, a fact bitter and true.

Women who buy their lunch are generally minority in any office canteen. None dares to ask them why, for it considered that they are born cooks. But each one, their culinary skills, good or bad, help themselves to sambar, curd, dal everything kept on the table. Why their natural mastery here ends with boiled rice, are never questioned. Aunties, trainees, cuties (structures to be dealt later) everyone quickly siphons the curd sambar, dal with feminine grace and feline speed. Rice and canteen dal the perfect home made lunch.

The guys who turn up late curse the guys who turn up early. They curse the canteenwala too, then the project manger, who wanted the file so urgently. The colleague onsite and the client too. Cursed most is their best friend who had to pee, just when they were about to enter the empty canteen. He gets cursed for dal, cursed for thick sambar, cursed for thin curd and cursed for the cold rice.(don’t pity him, curse him, he deserves it). But they never think bout the real reason.

Cursed is the dog, the chair, the phone, nothing escapes.

These cursing though sounding like comedy of errors is not that simple. Each cursed souls doesn’t care a iota, for even the dog knows reason for the famine of the curries.The fairer sex .

Guys high time to stop cursing, somebody said, “nothing can stop the truth whose time has come”, Saki said, “ beauty is only sin Deep”.

Yes u can stop them from pillaging our rightful share.


Some Cleverly Ironic Name said...

Quite the poet of the canteen, Abdullah. Why is it that every Indian blogger seems to have a better grasp of english then most English bloggers?

Abdulla syed said...

@sci name:salams and thanks,

i am astonsihed that a cunt worshiping acolyte, englishwalla finds the words dal and sambar familiar.

ponder and u should find the answer.