Friday, February 25, 2005

Black - dark review.

Note: Cynical view of a could been great movie.

Black was good, it moved me to tears by interval, and by the final reel, I was groping for exit. The movie had claimed its quota of tears and I was adamant on not giving anymore. The girl was most natural, I felt like donating my kidney, livers, ears and yes, especially eyes, after I have had complete use of them.

The girl, she beat seasoned amitab and rani, commented a friend. The hallmarks of great actor he continued as we left the theater. But after many pondering, I figured her part. She was, hiding under the bed, looking everywhere but in eyes, making faces and breaking dishes. This comes naturally to most of the kids I had acquaintance with. I bet Calvin would have barted hobbs for the part. (calvin never appreciated table manners).

As movie progresses, rani becomes stronger. (There are a lot of visually challenged people going about their lives in a silent dignified way. She becomes one of them.) When it comes to movies most have a sense of strong moral justification, and naturally we are pleased at her transformation. Hormones come into picture, though she had a great restraint, a decades wait and haplessness’ can break anyone.

Amitab loses his mind, before that he is ashamed. A major part of his life is also blind and dumb. Did rani’s sudden wish accelerate his breakdown, we will never know. Debraj could have been anyone. Tall and deep voice.

This heartless study of characters was necessitated for the movie-looked alien to me. Anglo Indians have long left subcontinent, and the directors distorted ideas about winning Oscar, took the Indianess out of the movie. I could have digested thakurs, Bengali, parsies. And the phoney characters did not help much.

Imitation is all always second grade, even if u do it better, u fail, u didn’t do it as it was meant to be. Lets be Indian at least on screen.

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