Friday, June 03, 2005

Blog Suppressants

Top Ten things responsible for killing my blogs on the notepad thyself.

1. Blogger`s block
8. Design patterns, Webservices.
5. Chaos is order to me,
9. If only bulle shah were my contemporary.
3. Fairer sex being the only things which inspire me
4. Nothing else stirs me, not even the Rain gods. (it would have taken a team of them to cause the havoc which bangalore went through, does abbu applause No.).
6. Wait for ‘someone’ to read the gems, I have posted so far.
10. Expectations, for the blog has to be of saki quality, which any kushwant may jolly good want to plagiarize.
2. Yahoo image search
7. Patience, (human kind needs all the time to decipher the hidden meaning in my very arcane blogs, they need time to adopt to my higher meaning of life)


Some Cleverly Ironic Name said...

i would hate to see the top hundred! (i'm serious)

Keshav said...

Well.. these are true gems!!
Only the enlightened few can get the clues!!

But infact, a good blog otherwise!

Abdulla syed said...

thanks keshav, the blog has flowered...