Wednesday, June 15, 2005


This is the last blog, the last from abbu the PSI’ian. .

Destiny isn’t stealing any psychic powers, never gave them, in fact. I work in Psi Data System Ltd, so i am PSI'ian and it is coming to an end. Abbu is nostalgic. Abbu the puppet, the lotus eater, has eaten the poisoned lily. The lily is red like the red pill. The teeth are white and tongue is red, the lily is on its way, throat, esophagus, stomach, leaving an acidic stain, which is green. The tongue is green, viler than the heart (which is still red). It abuses the one, the heart loves.

‘Classic milds’ fills the lungs. The weed is at work, dyeing the insides black. Green goes black comes, Throat, esophagus, stomach, black. The tongue is still pale-green, crimson, but allah! To no avail the heart has been smoked dry.

Abbus heart: Vs ABBUS tongue: Green leading.

The omnipotent Puppeteer: it was not a lily, was a rose?. Green is photosynthesis, u eat red, red mutton, red beef, radish, ‘no’, I saw u eating radish. Eat radish, red radish. U are red. Cheer up

Abbus heart vs Abbus tongue: Status quo.

The Tongue: Ha ha! It was rose, was it love, puppet, Love is red, but look now all u get is green. Where is red, there are only coquette’s. Tongue: ‘coquette, coquette, butterfly. I am never wrong’.

Abbus heart vs Abbus tongue: puppet is mauled.

Puppet: Enough, red and green, green and black, black and crimson, and red. I have a heart which is both red and blue, blue vein’s feed it. Red sprouts from it. Black cavities and white bones. I don’t want to judge. I am yin and yang, rainbow colors and many more. I’ll play my part and I want to play it best.

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