Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rain and me.

Bangalore had the wettest of 50 years. I find riding fun, the 40 km a day demanded by my second job could only be addressed via either a cab or a bike. The four wheel option is horrendously slow on hosur rode, sum it up with integral timings and restrictive pick-ups, the alternative biking is truly a prudent and pleasure filled choice. Infact snaking between cars and trucks, zooming on the footpaths, detours on service roads leaving the traffic struck for its own good is peace in itself. The heaviest traffic jams and slushy raods were paid in full for with just few specks of mud on visor, jacket and soiled pants.

I knew exactly where to jump lanes, raise the throttle or clutch and go down the gears. I had had driven the hosur road and its adjoining service roads in all combinations, till the driving became an activity of rote. Then some day, the ride lost all its sheen. It was just like playing the first few stages if Mario where a accomplished player can blindly jump over all the obstacles and catch the flag at its tallest point in a go. Here even though I wanted it very much wanted to ride blind, it was not to be so for hosur road never gives you 1-ups.

Most of the times the ride is like the first stage in Mario, accelerate, break, wait, trample, jump ahead. and when it rains it is like the slippery ice stage. When sometimes rarely I got struck in traffic, waiting was like waiting you do for the two devils( who throw axes at you), jump higher platforms so that you can sneek through. But the fun was diminishing with each ride finally it felt like that thing which happens when you jump over the flag. You keep running and running no obstacles and no fun, only running to do till the times rolls over and your character pops out of the screen.

But still there was flexibility and it the petrol bill roughly equaled cab charges.

Then it came oct 25, rains and rains the days before, but more vitally that date contained the night which leads to light of 26 and to a buddies birthday. The rains before and rains that day jailed me where I was with a battery zero. I had to wait for another oct 25 to wish my buddy “happy birthday” in the dead of night. I wished him the next day though but still I know I will have a lot of convincing to do, the thought sends a shudder and freezes my heart, which the people who have chanced to meet the dear friend would readily agree. That night at the electronic cites threw an option before me. I would move my two suitcases, one big and other not so big and my heavy duty bag and start living there. Bangalore, don’t worry I will come visiting every weekend and maybe more.
But the respective merits are still being evaluated.

P.S: I started out to criticize the weather; it was horrible the full week. .Let the lakes lay where they laid.

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