Thursday, December 22, 2005

The year That was

Most of us would not have already felt coming to an end of 2005, it is not even Christmas yet. But I was wary of this lethargy, which I let gradually ceded to. I knew that if I did not chronicle the year at least a day before boxing day. The chances of this entry seeking its destiny to the place where blogge allocated bytes very much slim.

Is it time to hold court with you janus, oh no, not yet, yes there are still more than a million secs. Oops well it is tenth of a million, a lakh. Oops again I am still of target by maybe again a tenth, minus 10%.

Jan, feb, march go go go, april my birth day, the biggest damage, party out 18 guys, nimra guys eat only gost, face plastered with cake and a wallet for a gift, with a beautifully story attached. May june, resignation and joining afresh, july , trip to kottayam, aug, sep, dear two friends – the puncture trip, oct, nov,dec, I am writing.

Lalu disloged - people happy, godhra forgotten - people happy. Happy me for I am for away from every thing that. Tube bombings - israili barricade - republican guard and predator drones. Tsunami proof and on stable( level 2) land mass. Away from Kids touching live wire (in Bangalore), ranvir sena roits,maoists - jehanabad`s Bastille falls, Beurs riots, paris burning - away from girls electrocuted(in paris). Happy me for I grown up wont poke my hands into live wires. GDP china four - PPP India four, ICC standings china nowhere India last - IOC standings china two India nowhere. Sania mirza thighs not good, but ranking better than any Chinese around. Chandrababu out, nellore corporation, elections postponed, roads forgotten. Sethusundaram, theri drowns, Chennai challenges cherrapunji but Mumbai steals the record. IIPM advertises, sabnis protests.

Politics, strife, environment, economy, sports and local. compressed into few broken hyphenated sentences, I don’t need to articulate on each and every verily, for verily each and every above had been dissected, cut, washed, ironed, distilled, verified, stinged and finally anesthetized, by competent editors, anchors, copy writers and makeup artists and stock holders. An even unbiased view for every angle and for every group, possible!.

I am away from kids who play around live electiic and illegal immigrants who lack sense and cant make out un-grounded and un-insulated shelters. My kids wont never light their feet around such un-insulated surroundings, I am not a father yet but I know. Nor would they/I/you am dishonorable to play hide & seek from french state police. When onto work, nobody whisks or friskes me, for I can job-hop, and don’t need a C4 laden belt around around my waist as those not-good-for-life arabs around gaza. Predator drones frighten me but cheers the cost arbitrage I provide by drolling out software to their gadgets, assure me. IOC and ICC I don’t concern myself with, chandrababu and beur riots I can dismiss them in same single breath. It rained here till it wetted the undies, here how wont cherrapunji matter. So bye bye and I if there’s anything lift to bade you farewell dear old year, I have still a tenth of a million seconds left.

Ah I forgot, I reread the alchemist again.- and this time I read that fate tests us severely after beginners luck, and this year you made me realize that its true.

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