Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Writer's Cain

Print has its own charisma; it supplements and adds value to An written piece. It makes it a more compelling read, alas blogs!!. But as a profession it could be very demading the pressure to come up with the 100 lines everyday could wreck havoc to any gifted pen. This is the case mostimes, with the coulums in dailies, weeklies, and many magazines. Sidin, who i follow a lot, will join that rarified field, he has made that decision and he gets the privilege, to spew out anything and guaranteed a read. I wishfully pray that he does not turn into one, but up there anything can happen.

P.S: The title has nothing to do with the piece, just some dear murdering which many columnists do, using Self confusing titles as like as self descriptive method names.

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