Monday, February 13, 2006

St Cains Day.

(Note:I meant to write about Cains day. I wrote but when i reread i was confused. This is why i am adding this note. This story is about a forgotten and a balmed historical character called Cain, whose progeny is the true holy grail. This peice is written to hit back at the age-old conspiracy and a day runious day named after Valentine. For that hence forth Feb 14 shoudl be called St Cains day after that great historical figure. )

It can be unquestionably stated that St Valentine, is undoubtedly from the creed which followed Abraham, and as it suits that line everyone is forced to silently uphold the tampered Abrahamic virtues, How unnatural when one can chooses his career in trade, deceit, clergy or peasantry, as to his personal inclinations and pleasures. But at social level is to be ashamed of his manly instincts.

Who is Cain? Why is he not spoken around? Cain was the first, the first of Abrahams progeny who stood for himself and showed the rest the way. He was the superstar of yesteryears. A super-father who, every son can be proud.

Though we find no mention of his, other than the involvement in homicide and subsequent banishment nor any mention of his progeny. The saga of Cain is not irrefutably documented, Bring him into light that I think will balance the skewd way a society forces man to be. The unspoken historical facts if verified, shout out loud that virtues and chivalry are unnatural and we men are right in the natural way we behave.

Tell me, what chivalry is, what feminism is. If you ponder deeply isn’t it a lie to enslave mankind.(we men are taxed because of men,- professional tax is waived for women). Who is more dangerous a murder or a nagging women.

How can we go back to our days of hunters, harems and games? What if he had led a normal life, what if there lay clocked a hidden line of Cain.

The real story –

It so happens, that Gawd took some time to ascertain that Cain ended his brother’s life unnaturally, then after he was banished or probably killed. It is this interval - which is of interest. Though no documented record of Cain impregnating women-folk is available, someone with such a bent of mind and possibly atheistic better looking in his folk, could have tempted any women to bite into 'pine'apple again.It further took Gawd took half moon -time or 15 days to track cain, which coincidently is enough for hormonal mood swing in an fertile women.

This fact was suppressed sinse the rise of mankind on earth. There is not a mention of this, This originally was the holy grail, which the Templar knights took upon to preserve. Until the time the world is ready to accept the real truth. They were crushed by depraved popes and queens before they could complete their endeavor. And Cain till date has been bereft of any glories. We are infact proud sons of Cain.

Are we to trust those who popes? Those who sermoned that ones chances increase by singing in church choir rather than in slinging a sword or riding a horse. Now we have volumes of modern psychological study and we can deduce that it is and was to contrary. A study of any human sample group would show a lot of similarities with cain, this clearly that the dominate percentage of men are decedents of Cain. And we should proudly say that we are sons of cain.

We no more have to fear the papal quarter. Sermons are no longer heeded, and their authenticity is as sound as virginity of Mary holds. Then who, it is those who kill us, who turn us into what we are not. Make us unnatural. The meterosexuals, feminists and gays controlling the print, radio and television. Concepts of one-women-man, foreplay, candle-lit dinners and cards aren’t they unnatural to of cains brood.

But as the saying goes repeting a lie often turns it into true, and they in cohesion with capitalists are on to kill enslave man-kind.

We wont be enslaved, we should no longer heed their rantings. our freedom is at stake and everyone of us, pledge this day that Feb 14 would be chersihed as cains day.

P.S: The postings are to continue till I liberate my fellow brethren, but if you want more go to my last years V-day blog.
Femkind: You will find the last years V-day blog to your liking, to find how I was before this revelation which dawned upon at the feet of BahuBali.


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

me first ?????

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

that was some obs ....

Cain and Abel ... will go thru the whole thing again b/f commenting .. okie ?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

but , i still am sceptical abt ur conclusions - rather , how u arrived at them

Abdulla syed said...

@deepa, the sweetest.

- Getting to conclusion is easy when you want to get to one.

--> Cain in bible, is the first character to murder someone, so he is a bad charecter. He is jealous, flirt etc.

---> I say, the way he led his life and his numerous affairs are avoided in bible.

---> And due the numerical strenth of his affairs, we are all infact nis sons.

---> So being like him is natural. Flirtous, jealous, self centered are the definig qualites of a man.

Now dont hate me.