Sunday, May 07, 2006

Opal again

I happened to glance at “How Opel mehata blah blah” laying on payment across bata showroom in jayanagar. I bought it. The palagarization charges upping its appeal a few notches extra and on cover , those high heals and long trecess maketh it an unavoidable buy. Seriously to say, those Xeroxing charges maketh none difference for we lot in Bangalore. For I being none the wiser of any other chick flick, each and every passage of it would sound as fresh as fresh as fresh can be.

“300 odd pages, the book could be mopped clean by midnight”. Hubris, it was. It is simple matter to read LOTR, stretching your involuntary reflexes till death. For few quick bites and you are revived. Sympathizing page after page with opal, be warned tortures your mental faculties, upsets your stomach, and makes you uncomfortably think bout yourself rather than rooneys less England. 40 pages down I had a promotion of calamity I calmly shoved that book among my roommtees clothes and allowed myslelf a weird smile, For in that corner great many things have been lost for oblivion.

After a cold shower, I was back to normal. Master planning propogation of genes and interrupted by fleeting thoughts of the greatness of oncoming posterity. In circa 2121 it struck, what if by chance my grandson is the only one holding the only paper back of something so nauseating left in this world. Sure some Bill's great grand daughter heir would want it desperately in orginal print. She would willingly pays a quarter of her fortune. Now i had second thoughts and i rummaged my way through roomies stock. But shit! how could I forget that everthing into sohails mess is one way. To be true, the copy which I had was a pirated one and heir of gates would more probably pack the kid to goals.

But still the book could attract cease and destroy ruling, and only one world wide which could escape that incretion is the one that is hidden in that trove of clothing. But first thing first I am busy recuperting after that wreathing and strenuous read, it is only kayya that can soothe me to sleep guys.

“For it is the only the one who hurts you the most can comfort you the most”[source: Madonna’s that graphic book with naoimi cambell in it.]

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