Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cochin _ Travelouge

Holy shit I was on a trip. A very compelling motive to accumulate more that 1000 kms under the butt and boast the accomplishment the rest of life, made the trip conceivable and Cochin just became an object towards the 1000km goal. In addition there was the synagogue and chance to see some jews in real. Gabbar and Rishi were to partners in expedition. My bike was to carry the luggage and rishis one gabber.

Cochin has a small jewish community, though not the azrakanic jews, they have been India for so long and before the last of them emigrates to Israel I wanted to pay them a homage. The Chinese fishing nets and yadayada. Cochin beckons.

I am none the wiser

The confrontation with the elemental power of nature came as a rude awakening, I cracked. The steady downpour, narrow slippery road, rash and threatening traffic especially those red buses, high beams and the added pressure of keeping up with rishi’s snapped all my energies and gnawed at my spirit, I still made it through, 600 plus one and a half kilometer in all.
This trip I had to experience torrential rainfall, add to punctures, all night driving and sleep deprivation I had endured, had I got any wiser.

Wisdom contextually can be defined as being cognizant of danger, to skip and to avoid it. Though forewarned of torrential rain was and having faced punctures, all night driving and sleep deprivation in my previous trips, I still undertake the harrowing trip just for that 1000km milestone. I am neither wise nor happy but I am still happy for I am humbled now. And for the next trip I would respect rain and every meter of the journey.

Half of a battle is less than half of a battle.
The first 220kms were zipped in little over 4 hours. It was good going, it was and so we thought the next 360 looked would be an easy game. But when rain can play havoc with your calculations it would. Every next meter was tougher than the previous. than last you need to better know the exponential graphs well.

Rain rain go away, please let my balls be little gay.
Rain and shine are like pain and pleasure, to appreciate pleasure you need to know pain. I thought I got more than my fair share of rain, I was longing for shine. I heard the morning azan somewhere near Mysore, it was refreshing, though I had forsaken muzzein call to prayers, it was the sun which would comes shortly after that azan call. But it was not to be my undies were wet and manhood shriveled into a corner. It needed sun to be gay and got none.

Edakal cave and the cavorting girls.
Eda – center and kal – cave. Edakal cave a simple name but an very significant archaeological cave. It was here on some big moutian top some pre historic humanoid dwelt and subsequently many a men had scribbled some strange writing in palin, in Dravidian tamil on the great wall in the cave. There was a jeep to take us to the highest motorable point that way towards the cave, we were in luck the jeeps seats seven we were three. One of the reason which I look for most of time while I am driving is the thought of meeting some sultry amazon. We are three the Jeep would take seven and there were girls waiting. It felt as if sometime when fate conspires to consulate you. I try to strike a conversation and am left cursing myself for a long time. Statutory Warning, crocking when the girl janta are speaking among themselves especially when they got boy friends around is never gonna get you that girl.

Water fall and the smallish fall.
Actually in fact here, I have nothing to write, it is just that after 4 long painfully hours in rain, I felt like a wet sparrow. I halted near a petrol for fuel needs and I could not hold the bike still on little gradient between the tarmac and the loose soil. The bike goes down and I lay there shivering.

Mario stage 3 –iceland.
Sparrow is a bird, so is roc. Roc is big, I am big, Big is stout sparrow is supple, I am stout and supple. I am jack sparrow and I trudge along. Well when the ground beneath your wheels is shivering slippery and rain is draining your reasoning faster and faster. Nonsense is a very good bank, it can always make itself an bigger worry. Truly you can worry about nonsense and forget all about. Nonsense can fill everything as only nonsense can. And it was nonsense which came to my rescue when I was as confident as playing the slippery stage in Mario first time and the nonsense was Israel vacating the Golan heights, employing a large gang of palestines to build the worlds largest reclamation somewhere in dead sea. It even helped me driving in absolute darkness against blinding highbeams.

Glad to be alive.
“I have breathed life into you and I shall take it”, some god said. I am safe in rishis sister house.
For the creater had not destined time to just yet. Slyly a thought strikes, it pays to be vile, for the creator wont want you anywhere near you sooner and you get a long time to be as vicious as you can be. Cheers.

Abbu the pedagogue.
My experience with my two nephews 8 and 7, both male or in many words simple straight self centered scheming adorable kids, is straight forward. They ask things I buy then afterwards they are nowhere to the seen. In cochin are two sweet sweet girls, who look genuinely happy seeing me. I am floored and decide that I want a girl for my first baby. And I go about teaching them paper tricks and maths for I don’t know anyother to play and to see how long it would take to mould them like Judit Polgar.

The Gladdest moment.
I am in cochin and it is day two. The creeks and crevices of the overhead tank above the apartment had been my only sight seeing so far. Still I am happy. Gabbar, the third guy had clearly stated his intention of lodging a complaint against rishis for attempting man slaughter.
He was returning by bus. Two bikes, two guys rain and 600km more, a horrendous thought. Should I drive back? Should I send my bike and risk my life for the other bike? Why chrono travel real? How could I betray rishi?

I conspire and the next we are booking three tickets and two bikes. I had not done an iota of sight seeing. But still the gladdest moment.

A jew at last.
Jews call them the eternal people, Islam calls them people of book, an aunt calls them adamant conspiring enemies of Islam. Disjunct I think they are in real. Separated they were from Egypt, separated from Palestine, separated from Europe. They don’t understand that an absence of 1600 years had robbed them their right of Promised Land. Historically they stayed longer in Egypt than in Palestine. In 60 years I agree they have earned the right to live where they are living now. I wont deny them that, nobody can. I hope they understand and learn to mix with rest this time.(This is a travelogue, analysis about the Jewish nation later).

I meet this two light colored jews. A ripe old man who avoided me, for he figured that behind my innocent inquisitiveness lay a tough nut. The other was a girl. Gaun-ki-gori, English style, librarian like, great lips and eyes and modest red polka dress. I was sure she was not happy that way and more nonsense followed my brain till the Chinese fishing nets.

Major Saab – how can you be shit.
Rain was to be our constant companion all the time. Finally we find ourselves snuggly into a Bangalore bound bus, bike with some travel agency. Every muscle in my body was relishing every minute in the bus. Major Saab was playing on the tv. I had watched that movie a longtime back, but back then the shiftiness’ of the movie was not that apparent.

There is lot more to say, but I am holding it back, if you had read me this long, you deserve more of this. Do you?

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