Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tshirts and fright

The other day I was biking back home, when I see a hot chick, across whose chest was written “I was born intelligent but education ruined me”. It is a common habit among everyone of us, techies to, just let the eyes wander over the area for the briefest time required to legitimately read the text written over there. Comprehension of the wisdom put there on display usually takes place in the room with the rest of our brethren. It is both sensible and prudent, as you all, will agree. Sometimes those pearly wisdom are insulting, but since our verbal skills aren’t exactly highly developed we are seldomly offended and we take it in our stride for our.* Besides whats in a slogan, the display with any other slogan would nonetheless be a display. (As in a rose by any name is a rose)

This time I knew those lines by heart; I slyly pretend to read that slogan. To my surprise subconsciously I am saying, “oh that is just pure shit, education did not ruin her, she is in fact more intelligent then now then she was when she was born, for education widens our perspectives and blah blah”. I felt disgusted when I come back to senses for at 24 you shouldn’t reflect upon the esoteric gyan what should matter is that tight cheast.

I spend the rest of the day in total fright, apprehension and confusion. Should I tell this thing to my roomies? Would I ever be able to relish, err read any other slogan without prejudice? Why am not sure about the colore? Was it pink or sheer white? Did it rain there? Why did not it rain there? And I collapse into bed.

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