Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Omkara -A

Eighteen Sikhs lining to watch an ‘A’ rated movie is an very regular joke. So when I heard the mouthful dialogue then I looked around expecting to found a rowful of then in Urvasi theater. Thankfully none were there, but I saw a battalion from some school and lot kids around. How were they allowed i cried out jealously. The poster outside, spoke out loud that the movie under presently under exhibition had an ‘A’ rating and here there were many spectator not eighteen and still many were here sitting nonchalantly. When I, a decade was once in a similar kind of situation, remember sweating profusely, fearing any of any dear distant acquantiance.

Ok, the dialogues were not adhering to rules of grammer, but grammer other than being a compulsory subject in school, doesn’t matter more. Langada, kesu, omi though a bit lenient on sentence structure lucidly put their thoughts and emotions across. MC/BC`s is this lingo right, is it required. And at an more fundamental level are we humans wired to speak. I am not sure. Adios.


Bina007 said...

Seems to me like the bad language was absolutely necessary. Othello/Omkara deals with real life: sexual jealousy. You can't have an adult play dealing with rough thugs without the adult language.

Abdulla syed said...

Hi bina,
Thanks for the comment dear.

what i had in mind was Taboos, maturity levels and Censorship.
I saw kids in theater, (urvasi, bangalore). how were the kids let in a A rated movie.

the movie was a bore. abnormal and naive emotions in movies confuse me.
and the sequence of events which langada tyagi uses to implicate kareena and firangi, can take place in movies only